Summer Studies

To continue to chase excellence and provide equitable learning experiences to all KIPPsters, KTX is excited to launch week-by-week Summer Studies for all grade levels PK-12 on Parent Portal starting on June 15th. This offering provides asynchronous learning intended for all students who are not attending formal summer schools in the region.

Summer Studies Resources 2020

For students attending KIPP Texas Summer School, please use the links below to access learning resources (coming soon)

Additional ESL Resources

TEA & PBS “At-Home Learning” Collaboration |Texas Education Agency has joined with PBS to continue providing learning opportunities at home. The PBS links will guide you to scheduled showings along with other lessons.

Peep and the big world |Join Peep and his friends as they explore “the big wide world” and learn about specific science concepts. |Peep and the Big Wide World website has interactive games that review numbers, shapes, and science concepts.

Jack Hartmann Youtube Channel | Join Jack Hartmann as he dances along to educational songs that will help your child learn counting, numbers, reading, and language skills.

Starfall |Starfall is a website that provides videos, songs, and read alouds.

Blue's Clues and You Blue’s Clues and you is a YouTube channel dedicated to the adventures of Blue, Josh, and Magenta. Each episode includes sing alongs, nursey rhymes, and games with Blue.

KidLit Tv |KidLit Tv is a YouTube channel devoted to promoting author read alouds. This channel also has videos teaching basic art skills and learning how to draw their favorite book characters with the guidance of illustrators.